Off Topic – “Staying Connected”

Hi Friends,

It’s Sunday afternoon.  Most of the trees have lost their beautiful fall foliage and stand naked against the sky, their branches waving in the brisk breeze.  Firewood is stacked on the back deck, and the temperature is steadily falling.  Even as the temperatures drop, though, I am feeling strangely warm inside.

I’ve been catching up on my blog followers, specifically other bloggers, and was greatly affected by two very different posts. Today, I’ll start with the first blog post.

It was from a blog by two best friends who live across the country from each other but have found a way to stay connected through co-blogging.  (  As those of you who follow my blog know, my husband and I moved away from many of our family and friends a little over three years ago, leaving the Gulf Coast of Texas and starting over in NE Indiana.  Many ask us why we moved.  The short answer is that we felt that is what God was leading us to do.  We have always tried to follow His direction and have often been met with looks and unasked questions regarding our sanity, but every decision we have made has been met with His undeniable blessing in our lives.  We are blessed to have our children and my Momma’s baby sister – the fun aunt 😉 – living within ten miles of our home.  The first of many future grandchildren was born here.  We have close friends, good neighbors, and adopted family that enrich our lives.

Do we miss our friends and family in Texas and Louisiana (Those in Mississippi say, “Me, too!”)?  More than words can say.  Am I continually planning the next opportunity we can be together?  Absolutely!  In the meantime, I will text.  I will call.  I will Facebook chat.  I may even write a letter or two.  🙂  But I will stay connected to those who are such a big part of the memories I hold dear and a big part of my heart.

Relationships take effort.  It is a real blessing to have one of those friends in your life who can be absent for even years; but when they appear again, it is as if you were never apart.  I’ve been blessed with a few.

Don’t be the one who doesn’t communicate.  Don’t be the one who doesn’t make the effort.  Keep reaching out, making contact, checking in, and wishing well – no strings attached.  Even if the response is not what you had hoped – we are all way too busy – you will have made the attempt.  You never know how your words of encouragement will make a difference in someone’s day.

One of my Indiana friends and I have been trying to get together for maybe a year now.  She doesn’t even live that far, maybe 15 miles.  When we first met, we had an instant connection that neither of us could explain.  She moved.  I got busy.  She started a new business.  Life got in the way.  But we kept at it.  We stayed in touch, and I’m happy to say that we are finally meeting at a new coffee shop on Monday!  I’m not really a coffee drinker.  (It has to be disguised with flavors and cream.)  But I love my friend, and it doesn’t matter where we meet.  It will be great!

Well, enough philosophizing already!  I have letters to write, texts to send, and calls to make.  How about you?

Keeping in touch,


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6 Responses to Off Topic – “Staying Connected”

  1. We are very glad that our blog touched you! We related so much to what you wrote. I even started tearing up for a moment. Thank you so much!!!


    • Cindy H says:

      Thank you! I hope you stop back by again. I know I’ll be following you two. You just never know how the treasures of your heart and your life experiences can touch someone else. Keep sharing! –Cindy

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  2. Susan says:

    I’ll be expecting my letter ha! 🙂 There is no distance between true love and friendship. Thanks, for sharing.

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    • Cindy H says:

      Although you look fabulous in blue, don’t hold your breath on that letter! You know how long it takes me sometimes. 😦 There is a letter in my head; I just have to put it on paper… Hmmm, I think there is an oil for that…there is!!! 😉


  3. Me says:

    GREATLY inspiring!!! Thanks Cindy! Never stop!!!

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