Tex says, “Keep Your Pet Safe This Thanksgiving!”

Tex is experiencing his first Thanksgiving in our home.  He is excited and a little nervous.  He wants to be part of our celebration but also wants and needs some quiet time to retreat to a safe place.

Tex at Home

He wanted to ensure that your pet had a Happy Thanksgiving as well.  Here are his “Pet-icular” Safety Tips:

Tex's favorite Thanksgiving scent, next to roasted turkey, of course! Tex’s favorite Thanksgiving scent!  😉

  • Be sure to use YL Peace and Calming throughout the day and as needed to help your pet relax and enjoy the day’s festivities or at least feel more secure in his crate.  (You can diffuse it or apply by petting.  Dilute it for smaller dogs.)
  • Ensure that your pet has a quiet, hopefully familiar spot to retreat and get some uninterrupted rest.
  • Watch for over stimulation.  Too much stimulation by noise (love those turkey day football games!) and/or “strangers” (especially unfamiliar children) can add undue stress and might cause a generally passive, well-mannered dog to become fearful or aggressive.
  • Remove your pet from the dining area to prevent the consumption of dropped food.  (See the food avoidance list below.)
  • After everyone has gone home for the day or retired for the evening, don’t forget to give your pet some extra hugs before bedtime.  🙂

Thanksgiving Pet Safety

This Thanksgiving Pet Safety Message is Tex-Approved!

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  1. Susan says:

    Thanks for the tip Tex!

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