No More “Fat Tuesdays”!

Whether as part of a faith-filled exercise of devotion or a convenient, time-constrained opportunity, the Lenten season has been utilized by many to make changes in their lifestyles/behaviors.  The changes often include some change to the diet, like giving up chocolate, for example, or quitting smoking.  (I used to hate it when Lent arrived immediately after Valentine’s Day and before the candy was gone!  So not fair!)

We’re not Catholic, not that you have to be, but we used to join our fellow Lent observers and take advantage of those weeks to practice a little denial and self-control.  It was always a great way to jump start the “get ready for the beach” routine.

Now before you start calling me a heretic, let me say that I do understand the purpose of Lent.  It isn’t about the beach at all.  It is a time of reflection and preparation.  What better way, though, to focus on the gift of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday than to get our temples – our bodies – in the best shape possible?  Don’t you think the whole “Jesus came to give us abundant life” would be an easier “sell” if we were the pictures of health and wellness?  (And He did, so how do we reflect that?)

If a healthier you is your goal, and weight-loss is part of the equation, check out the Young Living Slique Experience.  You’ll be glad you did!  As always, I’d be excited to help you get started.

No More Fat Tuesdays!The Slique Experience 2015

PS – If quitting smoking is your pledge for Lent, you guessed it – there’s an oil for that, too!

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