Are You Spring Break Ready?

Spring Break Sunglasses

Are you Spring Break Ready?  Even if we have abandoned our New Year’s Resolution to get fit, there is something about Spring Break and the coming summer season that sends us running to the gym or at least the nearest exercise equipment.  (It must be the shedding of all those layers and the extra exposed skin.)  We seem to think that procrastination can be overcome by hyper-vigilance!

If you find yourself in a similar “boat”, you might also find yourself experiencing some aches and pains in places you didn’t know you even had muscles.  😉

That’s exactly why this month’s promo was made for you (us)!

The Ortho Ease Massage Gel seems to be self explanatory, but what about the Marjoram?  I’m glad you asked!  Here’s a little flyer to help along your journey to Spring Break.  Enjoy!  (And get your order placed before March 31 to take advantage of the promo!)

Marjoram FDA

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