Take the Dirty Dozen Challenge!

Sometimes Spring cleaning reaches even into the cabinets and closets.  Whether or not your routine includes cleaning and decluttering of those areas, you should at least check all manner of products for expiration dates!  Do you realize that includes personal care products and make-up as well as food and medicines?  Many things have expiration dates and should be discarded past their prime.

I would challenge you to go further than checking expiration dates.  If you really want to give your family a “clean” start, read your labels for toxic chemicals.  They appear in the most unlikely places.

Have you seen the toothpaste label that says, “Do not swallow”?  How can you not swallow toothpaste?  If it’s in your mouth, you have swallowed it!  At least part of the solution has absorbed into the tissues of your mouth.

Your skin is the largest organ you have.  Anything that you put on your skin is absorbed into it.  Many of the chemicals in today’s products are toxic, some have been proven cancer causers, and others interrupt our hormones.

Take the Dirty Dozen Challenge!  Check your products – household cleaners, skincare products, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. – against the Dirty Dozen list attached.  I was shocked when I started reading my labels!  I bet you will be, too.

Dirty Dozen 4.15.15

Once you’ve identified the hidden dangers in your home, I can help you start to change over to a toxin-free environment using essential oils.  Don’t wait!  Check those labels and get started today!

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