Embrace Autumn: The October Promo is here!

October Promo Flyer Pic 2015

Wow!  This is awesome and just in time for those holiday guests!  It’s a nice touch to welcome overnight guests with their own diffuser.  It says, “We’re glad you’re here” and “We hope your stay is wonderful!”  Best of all, the extra diffuser is FREE with a single order of 300 PV!  Did I forget to mention the oils?  No indeed!  Thieves and Cloves – bring the Harvest aromas indoors.  Thieves not only smells deliciously like all things Fall, but it is a great boost to the healthy immune system.  Cloves also supports a healthy immune system, AND it’s been used as a spice for thousands of years.  Don’t waste any time!  Offers like this don’t happen every day!

Let me help you get your FREE oils and diffuser!  Check out the details and contact me with any questions.

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