To Shave or Not to Shave?

Announcing Our New Shaving Products

We’re excited to debut two brand-new products: Shutran Shave Cream and Mirah Shave Oil! Blending premium botanicals and essential oils, these products are two new ways to infuse your life with the essential oils that you know and love.

Shaving Products Shutran and Mirah

Shutran Shave Cream
Made with pure essential oils and moisturizing botanicals, Shutran™ Shave Cream delivers an incredibly close, smooth shave. Combining hydrating palm, grape seed, and olive oils, naturally derived vitamin E complex, and mango and cocoa butter, this luxurious shave cream provides a frictionless glide to reduce razor burn and nicks.
Scented with our invigorating Tea Tree and Shutran essential oils, this product will leave your skin feeling silky soft and smelling fantastic.

Mirah Shave Oil
Mirah™ Shave Oil is formulated with a rich blend of essential oils, emollients, and botanical ingredients for a luxuriously close shave with or without water. Exotic baobab, meadowfoam, and avocado oils work together with our exclusive Mirah essential oil blend to reduce razor drag, bumps, and nicks. Combining moisturizing botanicals and authentic Young Living essential oils, Mirah Shave Oil leaves skin feeling hydrated and smooth.

These brand-new shave products are available for purchase now in Virtual Office or contact me, but get yours today!

Beard Taming

No shave November?  Tame that beard with a personalized, DIY Young Living Beard Cream!

For beard-taming tips, check out the November 6, 2015, post in Young Living’s Blog:

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