Thrive This Fall – Day 1 of 7


The temperatures are falling (at least here in NE Indiana), the leaves are turning, and Fall activities are in full swing!  To make sure that you get to enjoy all those activities I will be posting seven days of info, tips, and recipes to help you get your home and health in tip top shape!  If you haven’t already “followed” my website, be sure to do so.  You won’t want to miss any of these posts!

Many of us are list makers – groceries, “to-do” items, calendar activities, etc.  Do you know what should go on your “Stay Healthy This Fall” list?



Now is the time to stock up and ensure you have what you need to enjoy all the activities of this Fall, not to mention the upcoming holidays!  Let’s start with NingXia Red, Thieves Vitality essential oil, Inner Defense, and Life 5!


My husband adds a drop of Thieves Vitality to his oatmeal every morning.  He says it not only tastes great, but he knows it is boosting his immune system!


More than 80% of the immune system is in the gut.  Healthy gut, healthy life!  An once of prevention (or in some cases – a drop) is worth a pound of cure!

Stay with me for the next 7 days!  Your health, your home, and especially your family will thank you!

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