Thrive This Fall – Day 2 of 7


As the air gets cooler, we move inside and close our windows. To you our southern neighbors who probably still have your windows shut and your A/C running, you will have similar challenges. What challenges? Indoor air pollution! We usually think of the spring time when seasonal changes affect our health, but what about the Fall? Not only do we have to deal with all the changes outside, but we have all the indoor pollution once we shut up our homes.

The American Lung Association asks these questions concerning air pollution in our homes:
Do health symptoms improve when you leave the building? Do they return when you come back into the building? If so, you may have an indoor air pollution problem and should explore the following potential sources.
• Is anyone smoking indoors? No one should smoke indoors.
• Can you see or smell mold or mildew?
• Do you use odor-masking chemicals or “air-freshening” devices?
• Has kitchen or food garbage been covered and removed?
• Have you used pesticides recently?
(For the full report and list of potential sources, go to…/how-to-know-if-your-air-is-unhealthy.…)

Here are today’s tips:

For those seasonal coughs that may even be caused by indoor air pollution, try Thieves Cough Drops! You will be amazed at the difference.


Next, replace all your “odor-masking chemicals or ‘air-freshening’ devices” with this easy to make DIY air spray. It’s an easy, cost-effective way to drastically reduce indoor air pollution while giving your family the health benefits of essential oils!


Let’s be proactive this Fall!

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