Thrive This Fall – Day 3 of 7


It’s Day 3 and time for a little Fall comfort!  Anyone out there ready for some football?!?!?  Fall sports and activities are often accompanied by aches and pains.  (Not that any of us are out of shape or not as active as we could be!)  I know some of you have athletes in your family and others are working on your physique.  Whether the change in weather has your arthritis screaming, you had a strenuous workout, you’re overworked from the harvest, or you’re just overworked period, we have the answer for you!  It was presented this year with its new designation as an FDA recognized Over-the-Counter natural pain relief. You might want to order two – one for the medicine cabinet and one for the gym bag!


Besides comfort for the body, how about a little comfort for the tummy?  This delicious Fall soup is just what the doctor ordered to take advantage of seasonal produce and all the wonderful health benefits of essential oils!  (FYI – Clove Vitality is one of the many oils in the October promo for essential rewards participants.  Not on essential rewards yet?  I’ll be glad to show you all the wonderful benefits and help you get started.)


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