Thrive This Fall – Day 4 of 7


It’s Day 4 and time for a little personal pampering.  Whether you’re facing the cold, dry winter or the never-ending summer of the south, changing temperatures and humidity levels can wreak havoc on our skin.  As the trees shed their leaves, we may need to shed a little dull, dry skin.


Here’s a ready-made facial scrub to exfoliate your skin and bring back that glow, naturally; or choose the DIY recipe to do a little exfoliating on your hands and even your feet!


I keep a jar in my guest bathroom. It lets my guests know I think they are special and deserve a little pampering!

And don’t forget about your lips! They are often overlooked and neglected in our skin care regimen. With the holidays coming (family gatherings, mistletoe, New Years Eve…), there may be some extra kissing in your future! 😉


HINT: Either DIY would make a great hostess gift, stocking stuffer, teacher’s gift, or that “just in case” gift!

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