Thrive This Fall – Day 7 of 7


It’s Day 7, and time to wrap up our Thrive This Fall tips!  There have been some excellent tips to help us do more than survive.

But, let’s say you only have the Premium Starter Kit and don’t have some of the “must haves” yet.  The Premium Starter Kit (PSK) is a wonderful place to start!  The Everyday Oil Collection contains specifically selected oils to support you and your family to move toward and maintain maximum wellness.  Maybe there’s an oil or two that you’re not quite sure how to use.  I would love to sit down with you and help you discover how the Everyday Oil Collection can get you started off on the right track.  Give me a call (text, message, or email).  I’m here to support you!


Here’s one more recipe for the books, and it’s a goodie!  What could be better than your home filled with the fresh aroma of warm cinnamon rolls?  If you give this one a try, you must share the outcome with us.  If you live close enough, you could even share the cinnamon rolls!  😉


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