It’s Started! – 12 Deals in 12 Hours (12/12/16)


The first two deals have been announced!  They are awesome! Check out the Young Living Launch page at the top of each hour for the latest addition and sale price!  Go to Young Living 12 Deals in 12 Hours!

Not a wholesale member yet?  I’d love to help you on your journey!  Follow this link to join the “I’m Oil In!” family and get the support you need to make some changes in your life and well being: I’m Oil In! Family

Deal #1 Gifts for Your Purse –

Whether you need stocking stuffers or just want to make sure you NEVER run out of these wonderful essentials, this is your chance to stock up your cabinet!


Deal #2 Gifts for Your Senses –

This may be a gift I give myself!


Deal #3 Gifts to Uplift –

I personally take Inner Defense every day to keep my immune system in tip top shape!  I will definitely be getting extra at 20% discount!  If you work in the public arena, especially schools and healthcare facilities, this should be a major part of your daily healthcare regimen.  (Need a little “summer” in this the throes of winter, then toss in a couple bottles of the Jade Lemon.  It is fabulous!)



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