Scents of the Season – Diffuser Recipes

With less than two weeks until Christmas and lots of preparations still in process, I’ve been making lists!  Do you make lists?  Today, I hope I’m making my final list to ensure nothing is forgotten.  It’s quite lengthy with gifts still to buy/make, groceries to purchase, and then there’s the decorating to complete.  Yep, I’m still decorating.

Tomorrow, my day off, I’m having a play date with my firstborn grandson!  He is going to help me finish my tree, so we can place the big reindeer under it.  I can hardly wait to share the joy of this season with him with some one on one time.  To see Christmas through the eyes of a 3 ½ year old is a wonderful blessing!

With all my “to-dos”, I want to ensure that I am “present” for our date and not thinking about my list.  One of the ways I do that, believe it or not, is by using my diffuser.  The oils help to set the mood and actually affect me emotionally to keep me focused and in the “now”.

How about you?  Are you so busy that you have trouble being in the moment?  Do you miss opportunities for capturing memories because you are mentally somewhere else?  Grab your oils!  Start your diffuser!  Here are some holiday diffuser recipes to get you off on the right track.  Slow down…breathe!

I think tomorrow might be a “Twinkle Lights” kind of day!  He loves singing “Twinkle Star” – “Twinkle, twinkle, little star….”

10 Diffuser Recipes-Square

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