Start Fresh! – March Promos 2017 (US)

Renew Your Routine in Time for Spring!

We’re getting ready for a new season and new beginnings with March’s PV promotion! Check out this month’s promo to see how you can get your hands on products perfect for refreshing and restarting your daily routine, including Frankincense, Lime Vitality™, and Blue Cypress. Add them to your fresh start this season with your qualifying order!

  • 15-ml Frankincense: This luxurious oil is a great complement to meditation and beauty routines, and its grounding aroma can help you refresh and refocus.
  • 15-ml Lavender: Embrace spring blossoms with the clean, fresh aroma of Lavender! Use this oil’s signature scent in homemade cleaners perfect for spring cleaning.
  • Thieves® Fruit & Veggie Spray: Clean up your diet by adding even more fresh produce to your day. Our Fruit & Veggie Spray makes it easy to snack fresh wherever you are!
  • Essential Rewards exclusive: 5-ml Blue Cypress: Take a trip outdoors and get a quick breather with the woodsy scent of Blue Cypress and its fresh-air feel.
  • Essential Rewards exclusive: 5-ml Lime Vitality: Add bright, zesty flavor to food and beverages with a drop of tasty Lime Vitality!



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2 Responses to Start Fresh! – March Promos 2017 (US)

  1. Roxanne Hawkins says:

    Hey lady this is so nicely done!! Would you mind if i send this out with the march and april flyers to the whole group??? Seems crazy to redo sonce yours is so nice!!


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