It’s Started! – 12 Deals in 12 Hours (12/12/16)


The first two deals have been announced!  They are awesome! Check out the Young Living Launch page at the top of each hour for the latest addition and sale price!  Go to Young Living 12 Deals in 12 Hours!

Not a wholesale member yet?  I’d love to help you on your journey!  Follow this link to join the “I’m Oil In!” family and get the support you need to make some changes in your life and well being: I’m Oil In! Family

Deal #1 Gifts for Your Purse –

Whether you need stocking stuffers or just want to make sure you NEVER run out of these wonderful essentials, this is your chance to stock up your cabinet!


Deal #2 Gifts for Your Senses –

This may be a gift I give myself!


Deal #3 Gifts to Uplift –

I personally take Inner Defense every day to keep my immune system in tip top shape!  I will definitely be getting extra at 20% discount!  If you work in the public arena, especially schools and healthcare facilities, this should be a major part of your daily healthcare regimen.  (Need a little “summer” in this the throes of winter, then toss in a couple bottles of the Jade Lemon.  It is fabulous!)



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12 Deals in 12 Hours! – Christmas Promo


Have you heard of the “12 Days of Christmas”?  Well, this is even better!

Starting at 8:00 AM/MT, a new deal will be announced every hour for 12 hours!  Follow this link to start adding goodies to your shopping cart: Young Living 12 deals in 12 hours


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The Gift that Keeps Giving – Dec Promo 2016


Already a wholesale member and have your kit?  You can always buy more!  Have you ever considered splitting a kit?  You buy the kit and divide up on the contents as Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers – Lemon Vitality or the individual NingXia Red packets for your friend who’s joining a gym to manage his/her weight, Purification for your cousin who owns a kennel, Lavender for your mom’s skin care, etc.  The possibilities are endless and the cost savings will really help your Christmas budget, not to mention how your friends and family members will LOVE you!  You could even keep the Stress Away for yourself.  😉

Notice that new members even get a free bottle of Christmas Spirit essential oil!  YES!

Speaking of FREE oils, look at the December Essential Rewards promo!  There’s a new oil released just for Christmas – EXCITE!  Young Living’s loyalty program – Essential Rewards – is the most generous of any I have ever seen.  I have personally received so many free oils and products – those I receive as the promo and those I “purchase” with my earned points.  If you love getting things free and aren’t a member of Essential Rewards, there’s not a better time to join.  Comment below or message me for information and assistance.



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Christmas Gift Ideas – Day 6 of 6


It’s the final day for our DIY all natural gifts!

This one makes a great, kid-friendly project.  You can tie them on gifts, put them in individual Christmas treat bags, or even hang them on a small tree to give as favors for Christmas guests.

There are so many options with the cookie cutters; and while the recipe calls for Pine or Spruce essential oils, there are so many wonderful Christmas tree scented oils.  Hang a few on any artificial tree to give it that “real” aroma of a fresh cut tree!  Ahhhh!  Can you smell it?  Better get busy.  Christmas will be here before you know it!

Day 6 – Scented Diffuser Ornaments


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Christmas Gift Ideas – Day 5 of 6


Day 5 and we’re back in the tub!  There is something about the hurry and scurry of the holiday season that begs for a quiet, luxurious bubble bath…sigh….

When you finally give yourself the gift of time in a hot bath filled with bubbles, the last thing you want to think about is the long list of artificial this and that – aka toxins – found in most bubble baths.  Next time, really treat yourself with this DIY toxin-free bubble bath!  With its wonderful essential oils, it will relax you and restore your JOY in a way only Young Living can do!

Day 5 – Luxurious Bubble Bath


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Christmas Gift Ideas – Day 4 of 6


Well, I’m excited about this one!  I’ve always admired those little decorative soaps and thought they would make such good gifts.  Who knew they could be so easy to make?!?!?

I know this is a Christmas post, but can you think of all the possibilities?  Change the oils, change the mold, and you’ve got a great gift for any occasion!  (Note to self:  Bookmark this post for future reference!)

Day 4 – Decorative Hand Soaps


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Christmas Gift Ideas – Day 3 of 6


When the days run long and the nights are short, there is the temptation to skimp on or even skip the nighttime beauty routine in exchange for extra sleep.  Here is an all natural remedy to have on hand to help you get to bed quicker and refresh your eyes at the same time!

You will not only have an excellent eye make-up remover, but the Lavender essential oil is known for its rejuvenating qualities when it comes to the delicate skin around your eyes.

Day 3 – Eye Make-Up Remover Pads


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Christmas Gift Ideas – Day 2 of 6


It’s Day 2 of our Christmas DIY gift-making adventure!  Since stress can be a real factor during the holidays, today’s Lavender Oatmeal Bath Soak can be a real life saver.  Better make extra to keep for yourself!

Purchase some decorative glass bottles or, better yet, use your empty NingXia Red bottles.  See: Getting Crafty with NingXia Red

Day 2 – Lavender Oatmeal Bath Soak


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Christmas Gift Ideas – Day 1 of 6


We’re within hours of December 1, and I can’t wait any longer!  Yes, I plead guilty.  I could celebrate Christmas ALL YEAR!  It’s a wonder I was able to wait this long.

Whether you are on a tight gift-giving budget, an avid Do-It-Yourself enthusiast, or somewhere in between, you’re going to love the next six days of gifts ideas.

That’s right!  Check back each day for the next six days and find an exciting gift idea you can make at home for minimal cost.  And best of all – they’re all made with Young Living Essential Oils!

“See” you tomorrow!




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Getting Crafty with NingXia Red

Are you an enthusiastic DIYer?  Maybe you just want to stretch your gift-giving budget this Christmas.  Why not put all those empty NingXia Red bottles to good use?

It’s a vase!  It’s a centerpiece!  It’s SUPER NINGXIA!!!

A little paint, a little twine, a little embellishment, and VOILA! Gift worthy!


Here are some great ideas!

Add a cork and some bath salts and you have an amazing spa night to give away or keep!  (HINT: Search the archives for DIY bath salts!)

NingXia Bottles for Bath Salts

Perhaps the best part of this whole project is the wonderful health benefits you received from drinking all that NingXia Red!  Cheers!

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